ZELITE INFINITY Chef Knife – German Steel X50Zelite Infinity is a well-known maker of high-end cutlery. They are also known for making one of the best budget chef knives available, the German Steel X50. As the name implies, it’s made with the high-carbon stainless steel that Zelite built its reputation on. It also has the impressive design you expect from a traditional European chefs knife.

The blade itself is eye-catching, with a hand polished satin finish that looks luxurious juxtaposed against the shiny front bolster. It’s an eight inch blade, which is the standard size for a chefs knife. It’s made with ThyssenKrupp stainless steel, which has long lasting sharpness and is resistant to rust and corrosion.

This chef knife has a typical German feel, sturdy and robust. This extends to the overly rounded handle which fits nice and snug in the hand. The thicker handle is a nice feature that makes this knife easier to maneuver and manipulate for precise cuts.

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This is a unique knife that is well-suited to handle most of your needs. The blade is very sharp, reminiscent of what you would see from a Santoku or Japanese knife. However, the thick and weighted handle give this knife an interesting dynamic between precision and brute force.

Take a look at our Best Budget Chefs Knives Top 5 guide for a comparison against 4 of the other knives you should consider.  Or read on for more information about the Zelite Infinity x50 Chefs Knife.


  • Top of the line steel for a sharp, durable blade
  • Rounded handle for comfort and grip
  • Impressive visual design
  • Full tang offers extra strength and control
  • Rust, stain, and discoloration resistant

The high-tech steel used to forge this blade creates a long lasting sharpness and resistance to rust, corrosion, and stains. It has a Rockwell Hardness rating of 56, which measures how long the blade will remain sharp and its overall strength. For a budget chefs knife, that is a very respectable number.

It has a full blade design, allowing for all eight inches of cutting edge to be used effectively. The bigger surface area and bigger ‘sweet spot’ of this blade allow for more precision and greater range of motion.

The full tang and molded handle provide comfort and control with a weight ratio that helps make cutting easier rather than harder. The handle is contoured and polished to prevent food and germs from infiltrating any crevices.

So how well does the budget end of Zelite knives hold up after 4 months of use?  Is the edge still sharp?  Are you simply buying a name?  Checkout the video review below to find out.



  • Gaudy logo on the handle
  • For some chefs, this knife will be handle-heavy thanks to the two bolsters and large handle

The bulky round handle features two bolsters to balance the German steel blade. These bolsters add significant weight on their own, and can hurt rather than assist during some cutting motions. It’s much more cumbersome than the Victorinox Santoku, for example.

Features and Design

ZELITE INFINITY Chef Knife – German Steel X50 – Knife enthusiasts will love the rare, tapered bolster between the blade and handle. The bolster naturally mimics the ‘pinch grip’ that many chefs love to use. Another unique feature is the rounded handle. Its unique shape offers a different feel and texture not found in any of the other budget chef knives.


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ZELITE INFINITY X50 – This is a solid buy considering the price compared to the other best budget chef knives. Zelite is a respected manufacturer of high-end cutlery, and they included many qualities of some of their higher end models in the creation of this blade. It has quite a few respectable features that earned this budget chefs knife a place on our top 5 list.