VICTORINOX ROSEWOOD SANTOKU FLUTED CHEFS KNIFEThe Victorinox Santoku Chefs Knife is a stout, nimble, and versatile chefs knife forged into a Japanese santoku design. It’s the shortest length found in our best budget chef knives guide, but it offers agility and balance unmatched by its competitors.

Although this blade lacks the size of most chef knives, it is effortless to use and maneuver. It’s very lightweight so that wrist fatigue won’t be an issue. It shines at thin slicing and dicing, when precision and attention to detail is needed.

One of the first things to notice about this knife is the beautiful Rosewood handle. It adds a traditional elegance and style that is unique amongst other similarly priced Santoku chef knives. It offers a nice grip, with a full tang and three rivets that showcase Victorinox’s dedication to durability.

Like many Santokus, this knife is fluted along the blade. This process allows for air pockets along the blade that prevent thinly sliced food from sticking to the metal. Combined with the Granton edge, this is a knife that will easily handle slicing and dicing during food prep.

Take a look at our Best Budget Chefs Knives Top 5 guide for a comparison against 4 of the other knives you should consider.  Or read on for more information about the Victorinox Santoku Chefs Knife.


  • Lightweight design
  • High-quality Rosewood handle offers a good grip and looks nice
  • Fluted blade to prevent food from sticking
  • Santoku-style blade excels at making thin slices
  • World famous Swiss craftsmanship

More Details
The Santoku style blade is better suited for precision cuts compared to the thicker European style chef knives. The blade features a Granton edge (a textured edge that ‘bites’ into the food item), which comes in handy for cutting thicker vegetables and tough cuts of meat.

It’s most likely the most well balanced on our list, thanks to its lightweight design. This is a plus for beginner chefs because this knife is so easy to control. The fluted blade increases efficiency, by reducing the need to clear the blade of debris after each cut.

If you’ve been shopping for a budget chefs knife, the attractive Rosewood handle will stick out pretty quickly. It gives this knife a high-quality appearance in addition to the comfortable and secure grip. It has an appropriate weight, to maintain a correct balance with the thin blade.


  • Smaller size limit’s effectiveness in some areas

This is a chefs knife that excels at thin slicing and dicing. Because of the overall thin and compact design, thicker cuts of meat and tough vegetables can slow this knife down. The size is a limiting factor, and this blade will struggle at times depending on what it’s asked to do.

Features and Design

Victorinox Rosewood Santoku Fluted Chefs Knife – This is a classic Santoku style chef knife, with a very sharp thin blade. The attention to detail is noticeable, as the Granton edge and fluted blade makes this a decent option for a chefs knife of this price range. The handle is sturdy and comfortable, yet light enough to maintain a nice balance.

How do you sharpen your knife, which tool do you use and what is the best way to do it properly?  This great little video from Victorinox shows you the proper way of sharpening your kitchen knives using a variety of tools and methods.  Which ever you use, just watch your fingers!



More Details
Victorinox Rosewood Santoku Fluted Chefs Knife – Considering this is one of the least expensive budget chef knives available, it’s a great buy. While it’s not a big, classic European style chefs knife that will power its way through anything, it offers above average sharpness and precision and will do its job effectively.