The first Global Chefs knives were designed in 1985 by Komin Yamada in Japan. Yamada was commissioned to produce a new and revolutionary set of Japanese chefs knives, using the latest manufacturing technologies and materials. The range of knives that he produced have proven to be popular with both professional chefs and amateur home cooks, as they are comfortable to hold and use and easy to maintain. Introduced from Japan to Europe in 1988, Global chefs knives were the first one piece stainless steel knife to be offered to the European market.

The design that Yamada produced was simple yet clever, and took inspiration from both Japanese chefs knives and cooks knives used throughout Asia. European knives such as Sabatier are usually made with a tang and bolster which the knife handle attaches to Asian and Japanese knives do not have these as they are seen as a hindrance to both sharpening and cutting, and to the overall balance of the knife. For the Global chefs knife range, Yamada introduced a hollow handle which is filled with sand to get a correct balance.

To complete his design, Yamada included several further features unique to Global knives such as a smooth contour and a seamless all stainless steel construction. This design eliminates dirt and food traps and helps in the cleaning process this gives the best result in safety and hygiene, essential in professional kitchens and in the home.

Although the materials and processes Yamada used to manufacture Global Chefs Knives was technologically advanced, the knife range has clearly taken inspiration from Japans long history of knife blade manufacturing. Over 1000 years ago, Japanese blacksmiths and swordsmiths developed and improved the process of making sharp yet strong knife and sword blades for the Samurai warriors. Although the Samurai tradition is now ceremonial, those skills are still being used to manufacture high quality chefs knives. Japanese knives are famous over the world for this quality Global chefs knives are now manufactured by Yoshikin, in the city of Niigata, Japan.

The material that Yamada chose to produce his knife range is not just stainless steel, but is one of the finest stainless steels available Cromova 18. This is a proprietary stainless steel designed and used by Yoshikin exclusively for the manufacture of Global chefs knives. Cromova 18 has a chromium content of 18 per cent which keeps the knife blades free of rust or stains, and means that although the steel is hard it is not too hard to sharpen. The MO and VA elements of the Cromova 18 name stand for the metallic elements molybdenum and vanadium. These ensure that the knife retains the world famous Global chefs knife sharp edge.