G2 Global Cooks Knife reviewThe G2 Global Cooks Knife is one of the most unique chef knives on the market. The materials and aesthetics give this knife a distinct look compared to its competitors. As for price, it fits comfortably into the mid-range while still providing a few high-end design features.

The blade, forged with molybdenum/vanadium stainless steel, is lightweight and sharp. Because the blade is made with a single piece of metal, there aren’t any crevices to allow food bits to get stuck during use. The blade features a long taper rather than a short bevel, helping the edge to stay sharper longer.

Another unique aspect of the G2 Global Cooks Knife is the stainless steel handle. Stainless steel handles are more sanitary, and this handle is dimpled for an easier grip too. Inside of the handle, sand flows as the blade is maneuvered, ensuring balance in every phase of the cutting motion. This handle is lighter than traditional handles, too.

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The overall design has a few departures from the classic European style chef knives. It’s thinner, and with a more acute edge, so it’ll feel less hefty than a traditional chef knife.

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  • High tech material for a sharp, lightweight, durable blade
  • Stainless steel moulded handle for grip
  • No divots or crevices for food to get trapped
  • Finger notch near blade for safety
  • Hollow handle filled with sand for ultimate balance

The high-tech combination of molybdenum/vanadium stainless steel contributes in a few ways. This blade will therefore hold it’s edge for longer than your average stainless steel knife . The blade also includes chromium, which adds a stain resisting element.

The Global G2 Cooks Knife is designed for comfort and efficiency in mind. The dimpled handle provides great grip. The hollow handle, which is filled with sand, is ideal for balancing this thin, lightweight knife. In front of the handle is finger notch for comfort and safety.

Since the blade is stamped from one sheet of metal, you’re left with a straight, crevice free blade that will cut straight and smoothly  right out of the box.


  • Stamped, not forged
  • Average sharpness
  • Handle is smaller than most best chef knives

While the metal used to forge this blade provide durability, the Global G2 Cooks Knife won’t reach the ultimate sharpness found with high-carbon stainless steel and ceramic knives. Also, this blade is more challenging to sharpen than a traditional high-carbon model, so make sure your whetstone skills are up to par.

The handle being lightweight does have it’s drawbacks. Since the blade and handle and made out of one piece of metal, a thin blade tends to means a thin handle. This handle is smaller than average, and can give of a ‘cheap’ feel if you’re more accustomed to heavier, traditional style chef knives. Not only that, it can be uncomfortable for chefs with big hands.

Features and Design – G2 Global Cooks Knife

From tip to butt, the G2 Global Cooks Knife is ‘high tech’ chefs knife. The unique blend of metal used in forging creates a blade with good sharpness and above average durability. It also makes for a lightweight handle too. The lightweight and hollow handle is filled with a precise amount of sand to encourage balance at any angle of use.


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G2 Global Cooks Knife – Overall, this chefs knife has enough features to make it worth its mid-level price point. This knife requires a bit more care than some of the others, but it’s a durable, well-made blade that stands out amongst similarly priced best chef knives.