Best Chef Knife

Chefs don’t cook mind you; they create works of art, not with paint or canvas, but with the given ingredients. If you mix lettuce with ground beef and add a few flavourings you are indeed not a chef, but if you do the trick with a few neatly cut slices of tomatoes with a pinch of parsley at the centre of the dish, then a chef is who you are. To do this, you need the right ingredients and the right degree of drive. Just because you maybe able to cook or may have cooked all your life, it does not make you a chef. Then comes the tools you use for cooking. If you haven’t got the right pots and pans, yo will not be able to do exactly what you intent on doing.

best chefs knivesA chef knife is one of the most important tools you will have to use. It is also called the French knife and evolved from the typical butchers knife. It is now a vital kitchen tool that can be used to cut a variety of items from vegetable and fruits to meat. Since knives are so important, you must know how to choose the best chef knife if you wish to prepare all the best western recipes.

A typical chef knife is about 20 cm in length and 4 cm wide at its broadest point. Those who cook regularly know how important it is to have the best chef knife. In fact, owing one best chef knife can even change one’s attitude about cooking entirely. This article discusses the two most important components that the best chef knives must have, the blade and the handle.

The blade

The blade of a best chef knife must be made of a non-corroding, lasting material such as stainless steel, in other words, high carbon steel. It should not be too heavy nor to blunt, if you are to cook with ease. A best chef knife needn’t sharpening for over two weeks. Even if the blade does need to be sharpened, with a best chef knife, it will be faster and easier. The edge sharpness and the edge retention are other factors that must be considered when using a knife.

The handle

The handle, preferably made of wood, must be just the right weight. If the handle is light, the knife may tend to slip forward and fall off the cutting board. A best chef knife has the best handle too. A handle that is slanted and shaped for easy, tight grip will ensure safety while using it, no matter how quick you slide it across your ingredients.

Overall, a best chef knife should be strong, durable, safe, sharp and most importantly affordable.